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Core Benefits

Because iStream® adopts a comprehensive cradle-to-grave approach to vehicle production, the numerous commercial, technological and environmental benefits are matched by an equally prolific range of advantages for the consumer.

Active contributor to the creation of a smaller carbon footprint, without comprising safety or refinement

Lower purchase price, matched by affordable running, maintenance and repair costs

Reduced vehicle excise duty and insurance premiums

Zoned access to cities with special lane access rights

Lower congestion charges, toll fees and parking costs

iStream® manufacturing plant is 20% the size of a conventional factory, with related cost benefits

Reduces typical capital investment by up to 80% for a rapid return on investment

Reduces the barrier to entry for new players in the automotive sector

Delivers a product that will appeal irrespective of economic climate market maturity

Short lead times to remain ahead of competitors

Lowering weight – by up to 200kg in a typical supermini – boosts economy and performance

Employs Formula One technology with all of its benefits and none of its prohibitive costs

iFrame technology uses large-diameter, thin-walled steel tubes that are formed, laser cut and profiled

Low-cost sandwich composite iPanels are bonded to the iFrame to form an incredibly stiff impact-resistant structure

Chassis has a tiny carbon footprint and consumes a small amount of energy compared to a traditionally-constructed car chassis

An iStream® vehicle delivers a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions over its entire vehicle lifecycle

An iStream® facility uses 60% less energy than a traditional vehicle production plant

Being clean and quiet means iStream® assembly sites can be located at the centre of its urban markets with those attendant benefits

Prepainted body panels removes the need for a paint shop and the associated vox emissions

For added flexibility, a wide range of materials can be chosen for the external Body Panels to meet demands of cost , weight and quality requirements. For example the T25 and T27 production intent body panels have been designed using 750 up-cycled plastic bottles.

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