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The iStream® concept came to Gordon Murray while he was ensnared in a traffic jam. “I was just sitting there trying to get to work one morning, and I realised that I was surrounded by huge, heavy and inefficient cars that had just one person in them,” explains Gordon Murray. “I knew right there and then that what we were doing was unsustainable – the kinds of cars we are producing, the way in which we are producing them, and the problems they were creating – and I knew we had to change everything about our approach to cars.”

“The list of challenges facing sustainable global mobility is daunting,” continues Murray. “Increasing congestion and its economic, health and social costs, ever-growing pressure on the environment, dwindling natural resources, massive demand for affordable transport from emerging markets, stringent legislation on greenhouse gas emissions… they’re complex and intricately entwined issues.” ... more

There are an estimated 1 billion vehicles on the road today, but that number is expected to double by 2035 years as mobility demands from growing economies explodes. That means a huge amount of energy will be consumed just producing these cars – before they have even been filled with fuel and driven down the road.... more

The time for iStream® is now – it’s prescient low-energy ability to produce vehicles that meet our needs and demands will play a pivotal role in minimising our carbon footprint while reducing congestion. Urban areas suffer the most, with 89% of delay caused by traffic congestion. The costs of this delay is prohibitive - eliminating existing ... more

The Need For Change