About Us

Gordon Murray Design, has developed a radical and all-encompassing rethink on the way cars are designed, developed and manufactured. It’s a clean-sheet approach that casts aside conventional thinking and finally powers automotive production into the 21st century where platform flexibility and low weight are ever demanding.

An iStream chassis is essentially a hybrid structure consisting of a metallic frame (iFrame) and composite sandwich panels (iPanels). The basic concept is to use the iFrame to form a basic skeleton to locate all the local attachment points such as powertrain, steering, suspension and occupant seats etc. The iFrame alone does not meet the performance demands of a modern car, so we then stabilise the iframe by bonding the highly rigid (iPanels) onto the metallic members so they then act as very stiff shear panels.

The resultant Hybrid structure (iStream) delivers an entirely new lightweight automotive platform that meets all the demands of corrosion protection, strength, stiffness and crash performance at a fraction of the typical investment cost of conventional car platforms today. The simplicity of the manufacturing process means that the manufacturing energy requirements are a fraction of conventional stamp steel process, and requirements for factory footprint space are also far less.